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Bourdeaux Family Website


Welcome to the bourdeaux.net family website. This website is intended for family members and close friends of the Bourdeaux family. In order to eliminate any curious webgoers from viewing some personal information, we will require you to login. There is not any real sensitive information kept here, but just as a precaution, this has been added.


For those that know me well enough and don't have a password, I have created a generic Login ID and Password, which are items that only those that know us will be able to use.

  • The login id is my (Mark's) wife's first name

  • The password is the city I grew up in

Feel free to email me at mark@bourdeaux.net if you would like your own login ID and password. Of course please identify yourself, and let me know what username you would like, limited to 20 characters.


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